Being the Warrior not the Worrier.

Managing your thoughts and worries in life is naturally something we all do, but controlling how we switch them off can be hard for us to do. What our thoughts tend to do is constantly play out scenarios in our head, that tends to keep us tossing and turning through the night and anxious through the day. Worrying can be negative emotions that we are creating in our mind, because most of the time everything will turn out just fine. That scenario you keep playing out in your mind hasn’t even happened yet, it was wasted energy and its a reminder we need to get off this track and change course.

Shifting our thoughts into gratitude, and being grateful for what we have can move our worry into a positive mind state. Everyday we are presented with opportunities of facing our fears, if we step out of our comfort zone and face them you will break through that worry. Removing the thoughts of what other people think of you, and accepting that we have no control on peoples thoughts is another way we can let go of worry. Sometimes all it takes is to stop and be aware of your thoughts and disconnect from them. Go for a walk, meditate or catch up with friends, its the small things in life that can make a big difference in your everyday well being.  













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