When our trust has been violated by any form we feel like a little bit of us has been chipped away. We feel betrayed and struggle to trust anyone again, and every time we let our guard down we feel like everyone is taking advantage of us. If you have been on the receiving end of a narcissist or a deceitful person be aware they are attracted to your good nature for their own means, but don’t let the hurt of the past stop you from fully trusting again. We have to be open to this and to know that trust can be restored again. Trust comes from knowing you can handle what someone does and not predicting what they are going to do. Trust and believe, if you have been hurt in the past, don’t let the fear stop you from trusting your future. Always trust your intuition by not letting your guard down, and being that vulnerable person who people will unfortunately take advantage of.

Keep reinstating your wings!






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