The Power is within you.

valentina-conde-691014-unsplash2016/2017 were very raw years, it felt like everything was hitting me really hard and fast. I was constantly feeling challenged, abused, I had legal battles to push through and most importantly I had to keep my head strong and focussed for my children whilst dealing with ‘shitty times. There were days where I didn’t want to get out of bed, if it wasn’t for my children and hubby I probably wouldn’t have, and when I did solider on I didn’t know how I was going to get through the day. I couldn’t tell people what I was going through except my closest peeps in my world as I was mostly dealing with a psychopath. I was literally just coping, in saying that I still managed to put on a smile but deeply hurting on the inside. This goes with the saying ‘you cant judge a book by it cover,’ and you 100% cant. Peoples perceptions play a big role in society, they are only seeing how great other peoples lives looks on the outside but have no idea what this person has been through in life to get where they are today, or what struggles or wounds these people have within them.  People will judge you unfortunately on what they see you doing in your life but don’t know anything about you. I definitely lost a degree of myself over the past two years, but have found myself again this time stronger and more empowered and believe I have gained a degree. Once 2018 ticked over it was such a relief as things finally started to turn and change and I could see more sunshine in the world, and no more darkness. You have to remember that people will try and take you out when they are not in a good place, and they will target you to make themselves feel better, so be very wary and listen to your intuition when things just don’t feel right. Im sure a majority of people reading this have felt totally lost in this world from time to time but we just have to stay focussed, spring out of bed every morning no matter how dark we may be feeling, and put one foot in front of the other, breathe and be grateful you are living in an amazing world that is waiting for you. When we are going through ‘shitty’ times this is you being tested in life to improve and strengthen yourself for the better. There are endless opportunities waiting for you, so BELIEVE in yourselves my angels. 



2 thoughts on “The Power is within you.

  1. I love this!!! This really resonated with me and you are so right!!! We all just need to BELIEVE in ourselves, which I really struggle with but reading your story inspires me to believe in myself. Thank you x

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