jared-rice-388260-unsplashThe world we are living in needs us to be resilient. We are dealing with a lot of different personalities on a daily basis, some will accuse you to try and tear you apart and they will do this for their own personal gain.

We live in a fake world unfortunately where people will use people to try and get places in life through fake friendships.  Im sure this resonates with the majority of the population out there, i’ve experienced it first hand plenty of times especially recently as you have read in my previous posts. We all have our own story, whether thats from when we are born to where we are now. We can talk about blame or emphasise what happened in our story, who we are now, things that have happened, people we have met or events that have taken place throughout our journey. Our story can either be a positive or a negative element of our life, we all go through ‘shitty’ hard times but we can always turn it around to make it a positive. We are constantly being tested and challenged for a reason, its part of making us a stronger being, and knowing we can lift ourselves up off the ground and grow our beautiful wings back. It is natural for us to look back at our past and think ‘this is not how I imagined my life to be or why did that awful situation happen to me,’

The story you keep telling yourself is holding you back, let it go and believe you do have a purpose to fulfil, change your mindset and fill your heart with passion and desires to strive to be that person you deserve to be. Never let what somebody else says to you distract you from your goals, when ‘shit’ things happen to you go through the motions, release those tears, talk to the universe as they are always looking after you and be grateful for the positives in your life. Surround yourself with people who love you from the inside and are not going to abuse your trust and play their insane games.

We all see ourselves in a certain light, some days its bright and happy and some days its dark and down.  Keep moving forward on your dark and down days as you have more strength then you give yourself credit for. If you are going through a rough time at the moment, believe this will be over soon, reset your goals, commit to yourself, and believe in your heart you can conquer this. This is your life, you deserve to be happy, you deserve to be who you are and no one can take this away from you. Empowerment comes from making mistakes, having struggles and your wounds and imperfections are your beauty.


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