We are not alone in these situations life throws at us, we just have to find ways to get through them. The message that I want to express to you all is what ever we are experiencing in our daily lives we can get through because we are indestructible. When certain circumstances appear around us and make us feel unworthy, there is always ways we can get through them. We have so much support out there we just need to find which coping mechanism gets us through. We are all beautifully different souls and all hold different emotions, as I said in my journey post we can all lift ourselves up off the ground when we get knocked down, and our wings will grow back every time they get clipped.

We cross paths with certain people in our life to be tested and pushed to our limits, this can be such a struggle for us to get through. Self belief is what we need to practice in our daily life to be able to conquer these situations. You see my journey was so hard as I was a business owner getting verbally and mentally abused  for over two years, but I pushed up that hill through it all and never did I throw my arms up and walk away like he wanted me to. We are all empowered beings and have the right to protect ourselves and our surroundings and certainly not be treated like someones possession.

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