The beginning.

As I proudly stand in the office of my brand new business, I breathe a sigh of relief that  finally my long term dream had come true.  All the tension and build up I have had to endure over the past three years has paid off.  As I have a smile from ear to ear I sit down at my desk and attend to my daily duties, all of a sudden the office doors opens and its my business partner, he storms into the office and closes the door behind him.  As I look up at him all I could see was a very angry man sweating and shaking.

He Abruptly yells at me saying ‘what have you been doing, there is no one in here, I have been told that you have been showing friends and family around and not doing your daily duties’.  I was stunned, he was yelling at me like he owned me and I was his property… I could not believe what I was hearing, all I could think about was ‘is this really happening’, and ‘what the hell have I got myself into’. My blood was boiling, I projected back saying ‘OMG we haven’t even been open a week and I am trying to find my feet in here’. I stopped myself from saying anymore as I wasn’t going to let my business partner treat me like I was his possession so I stormed out of the building with tears streaming down my face.

I walked up and down the road breathing deep breaths and pinching myself, hoping this was a dream and that I hadn’t just been verbally abused by a very angry man, whom I hadn’t seen this side of before. I had committed so much of my heart and soul into this business and I definitely did not financially sign up for someone who can think they could abuse and have authority over me.  I called my husband and he took me home so I could calm myself down. I felt sick to the stomach but I just had to pick myself up, calm myself down and go back in to carry on with the day.



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