Life’s journey


Do you feel you are constantly getting your wings clipped in life? Let me disclose to you what I mean about this. We all experience times throughout our life when everything just feels hard and all you want to do is runaway and hide from the world. Don’t worry we all have to go through tests in life to reinstate our wings, but what we don’t realise is that we are continuously growing our beautiful wings. Every time they are being clipped it affects us and all of a sudden our vibration drops and other people around us bring us down. Sometimes our minds are not letting us let go of the past, but we can switch off our minds by listening to our heart and trusting the future. We can all come out of our cocoon, spread our wings and lift ourselves up off the ground because we all deserve to fly in this life time, but until you spread your beautiful wings you will have no idea how far you can fly, it will be endless. Life is about creating yourself to the best possible potentials. I will share with you how I found my wings and share my journey on how I ‘reinstated my wings.’



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