Reinstate your Wings.


Indi embraces a whirlwind business venture that turns dark when she discovers that she had literally been taken for a ride by a narcissistic, abusive business partner. She learns tools along the way to stay empowered and grounded so no one can destroy her or her reputation in the coastal beach town where she once lived. She had everyone connected to him clipping her wings daily until she found herself and her wings. Indi tells her story about life, which is about embracing every situation we come across, knowing that you are never alone and always have support no matter how dark your day is or how bad a situation is. It takes courage to grow your beautiful wings and to have belief in yourself and the process. 


Indi Havana endured a very difficult couple of years involving an abusive partnership with a narcissist. She learns tools along the way to help her get through the ordeal. 

Indi is a wife and a mother to three beautiful children and I wanted to share my story to help other people that may be going through hard times in their everyday life. “I want to help empower people by believing in the process and in the deepest way possible, because anything is possible.”


Your Pathway.

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Photo by luizclas on Pexels.

We have this amazing gift in life that the universe has given us, it is the one power that we have control of and its the power of choice. We have the choice to choose what we focus on, what things mean to us and what we do in life and no one can take that away from us.

We have the power to say no to things in life that don’t honour us and bring us joy and peace. Always stay true to you and stand on that line you draw for yourself, if you have people around you that are not serving you in your life move them out. Focus on the brightness of your own light. Being more conscious in your decision making will always lead you to the right choices for you as your destiny is in your hands.

Your destiny is determined by your decisions, when you change your decisions you change your life, we are in control, listen to your pathway that is always calling you and giving you signs.


Being the Warrior not the Worrier.

Managing your thoughts and worries in life is naturally something we all do, but controlling how we switch them off can be hard for us to do. What our thoughts tend to do is constantly play out scenarios in our head, that tends to keep us tossing and turning through the night and anxious through the day. Worrying can be negative emotions that we are creating in our mind, because most of the time everything will turn out just fine. That scenario you keep playing out in your mind hasn’t even happened yet, it was wasted energy and its a reminder we need to get off this track and change course.

Shifting our thoughts into gratitude, and being grateful for what we have can move our worry into a positive mind state. Everyday we are presented with opportunities of facing our fears, if we step out of our comfort zone and face them you will break through that worry. Removing the thoughts of what other people think of you, and accepting that we have no control on peoples thoughts is another way we can let go of worry. Sometimes all it takes is to stop and be aware of your thoughts and disconnect from them. Go for a walk, meditate or catch up with friends, its the small things in life that can make a big difference in your everyday well being.  














When our trust has been violated by any form we feel like a little bit of us has been chipped away. We feel betrayed and struggle to trust anyone again, and every time we let our guard down we feel like everyone is taking advantage of us. If you have been on the receiving end of a narcissist or a deceitful person be aware they are attracted to your good nature for their own means, but don’t let the hurt of the past stop you from fully trusting again. We have to be open to this and to know that trust can be restored again. Trust comes from knowing you can handle what someone does and not predicting what they are going to do. Trust and believe, if you have been hurt in the past, don’t let the fear stop you from trusting your future. Always trust your intuition by not letting your guard down, and being that vulnerable person who people will unfortunately take advantage of.

Keep reinstating your wings!






How to stop caring about what people think of you.


Living your best life comes from building a life that is yours. Focussing on your goals you have set for yourself and making them your priorities is the most important focus we should be putting our energy into. Is caring about what others think about you going to help you reach those goals ‘Nope’ it only distracts you and takes you away from your priorities and goals. It is easy to get caught up in the gossip and caring so much about what other people think, but are the thoughts of what other people have to say about you going to help you in live a happy life, probably not, So making the choice to care less about what people think of you and save you constantly stressing yourself out, has no value to you at all. So what if people talk about you, accept it and move on as there is no point in suffering about what goes on in the thoughts of another person, usually people who like to cause trouble for other people usually feel bad about themselves. So many people are suffering from depression and anxiety because of this, so if we can control our emotions and change our mindset we will endeavour to care less. Unfortunately in reality people would rather see us fail rather then succeed, this could be people close to us like family and friends so by not letting anyones thoughts or suggestions hold you back from your true potential, go out and prove them wrong, embrace it and learn to say no once in a while.